How the Third Way Made Neoliberal Politics Seem Inevitable

How the Third Way Made Neoliberal Politics Seem Inevitable

An overhyped new paradigm proved to be a slogan without a movement.

Lily Geismer

Trumpism Was Born in the ’90s

Clintonian centrism allowed the radical right to incubate.

Jeet Heer

Women Are Half the Population, Not a Special Interest Group

Democrats do themselves no favors when they pretend “women’s issues” are a niche category of human affairs.

Alexis Grenell

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How Food Became a Weapon in the Right’s Culture Wars

How Food Became a Weapon in the Right’s Culture Wars

First came a new politics of right-wing grievance. Then came the dawn of foodie culture. Together, they gave rise to one epic food fight.

Brent Cunningham
Sister Souljah in Harlem in 1993

How Sister Souljah Went From Radical Activist to Scapegoat to Blockbuster Novelist

After Bill Clinton used her to catapult himself to the presidency, the activist Souljah was sidelined. But the novelist Souljah continued to produce work that spoke to millions.

Dani McClain
A protester at the 1999 World Trade Organization demon

Reflections on the Left’s Lost Decade

In the 1990s, the left was embattled and diminished. But it kept the flame burning just enough for a new generation to come along and give it oxygen.

Naomi Klein

State Politics


Election 2022 House Alaska

Sarah Palin Is a Faux Populist. Alaskans Chose the Authentic One.

Voters saw that Palin was in it for herself, while Democrat Mary Peltola was the real deal.

Katrina vanden Heuvel
Police arrest a suspect

The Midterms Showed Democrats Don’t Need to Pander on Crime

The Democratic Party shouldn’t panic over the issue.

Katrina vanden Heuvel
John Fetterman supporters celebrate

Democrats, Time to Go Big

Resist the illusory allure of moderate centrism.

Robert L. Borosage

The Right

The Presidency

Joe Biden talks in Illinois

Under Biden’s Proposal, We’ll Have a Gerrymandered Presidential Primary

In a time when Democrats are losing Latino voters, Biden’s administration has come up with a plan that only diminishes their influence.

Jeff Weaver

Biden, Cuba, and Latin America’s Left Turn

When Lula returns to Brazil’s presidency on January 1, every major Latin American country will have a government of the left.

William M. LeoGrande

On the Wrong Track: Why Biden Abandoned Rail Workers

The White House has leveraged the power of Congress to ratify the bargaining terms that management wanted. This outcome is as depressing as it is predictable.

Chris Lehmann


Charles Miller, 90, prepares the daily pills his wife needs in early 2020.

It’s Time to End the Medicare Advantage Scam

It is long past time for Congress to give consumers better information about their health care options.

Rep. Ro Khanna , Rep. Mark Pocan and Wendell Potter
US naturalization cerem

Democrats Dodged a Bullet in the Midterms, but the Culture War Is Far From Won

A functioning democracy requires the consent, if not the votes, of a good deal more than half the country.

David Bromwich
示威者集会以外的投票权US Supreme Court Building

The Court Case That Could Legalize the Next Coup

If the Supreme Court reaches the wrong decision inMoore v. Harper, it could legitimize a dangerous new theory of who decides how elections work.

Elie Mystal

Coronavirus and Politics

Biden receives Covid booster shot

Pandemic Year 3: Who's Got the Power?

Has public health failed us? Or have we failed public health?

Gregg Gonsalves

The Social Explosion of China’s Pent-up Pain

The anger in China is rooted not in the urban capitalist classes but in the brutal regimes of wealth accumulation, labor extraction, and political power.

Rebecca E. Karl

Nancy Fraser’s Lessons From the Long History of Capitalism

She talked toThe Nationabout capitalism’s evolutions and what the left can do to better prepare for the next political crisis.

Rhoda Feng